Entomological Research Association Udaipur

The Entomological Research Association was established in the year 1985 (Registration No.5/87-88) with its headquarter in the Department of Entomology, Rajasthan College of Agriculture (MPUAT), Udaipur.


The objectives of Association were:

  • To publish Indian Journal of Applied Entomology initially as biannual Journal. It will be the official publication of the Association.
  • To provide a platform for young scientists to develop a kinship with senior scientists working in various fields in the country.
  • To arrange frequent National Conferences and Seminars, meetings etc. on the relevant topics as per need to make aware the scientists about advancements in various fields of Entomological Research.
  • To provide training to the young scientists on a specific field of specialization to enhance their knowledge.
  • The official publication of the Association “Indian Journal of Applied Entomology” was started in the year 1987, initially in the form of annual publication and later on converted into biannual publications. The Journal received wide publicity and response all over the country especially in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat Haryana, Delhi, and UP.


The Association started organizing National Conference in the year 2001 and also awarding annually Prof. R.P. Srivastava Memorial award to any eminent scientists of the country; So far 17th such awards have been given.


The Journal was accredited by National Academic of Agricultural Science, New Delhi about 18 years back and is getting the financial support from ICAR.


The Association started financial aid by the ICAR in the year 2001 and the Journal also got accreditation from National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, New Delhi.



Executive Committee


Dr. S. C. Bhardwaj

The current President Prof. S.C. Bhardwaj has held various teaching and research positions in his academic life while in University. He attained superannuation as Professor and Head, Department of Entomology, MPUAT, Udaipur, before that he also held the same position in Swami Keshwa Nand Rajasthan Agricultural University, Bikaner, at Jobner campus. He was Insect Taxonomist for 13 years before he came Professor of Entomology. While teaching various UG and PG courses he had received special trainings in Storage Entomology and Eco-Taxonomy and bio-control. He was always involved in co-curricular activities like National Service Scheme, Students Welfare, Convenor of Committee of Courses, Member Faculty of Agriculture Academic Council and University Board of Management. At the time of establishment of Research Association he was Founder General Secretary of the Association. He was also Chairman of Asian Agri-History Foundation, Rajasthan Chapter for 5-6 years. A life Fellow of Entomological Society of India he was also President of E.S.I. Rajasthan branch.

 Editor in Chief

Dr. R. Swaminathan

Dr. R. Swaminathan, presently serving as Emeritus Scientist Entomology (ICAR-Scheme) at MPUAT, Udaipur, retired from active services as Professor of Entomology and Dean Rajasthan college of Agriculture on 31st December 2017. He graduated in Agriculture in 1978 and did his master’s degree in Entomology in 1982 from RCA, Udaipur. He was awarded the USSR Govt. Scholarship for his Doctoral degree in 1988-89 and pursued his Ph.D. from Muscow Agriculture Academy (Timiriazev) Moscow, in July 1992, specializing on carabid beetles. He served the Indian Cotton Mills Federation’s Cotton Development & Research Association, Mumbai as Cotton Project Officer from July 1982 to June 1984. He joined the University services and has 33 years of experience in teaching and research. During his tenure in the university he has guided 22 master’s degree students and 18 Doctoral degree scholars in their research pursuits. He has published 75 scientific papers and few popular articles. He has been on the Editorial Board on Indian Journal of Applied Entomology since 2001 and is presently the Chief Editor of the journal.

General Secretary

Dr. M. K. Mahla (Ph.D)

M. K. Mahla obtained Ph.D. in Agriculture Entomology from the RAU, Bikaner in  2000. He is Professor and Head of Department of Entomology at Rajasthan College of Agriculture, MPUAT, Udaipur. He is the principle investigator and incharge of RKVY project and AICRP on Maize and also associated with many private funded projects working in the field of entomology. He is General Secretary of Entomology Research Association  and also associated with various scientific organization. Dr. Mahla is author/ editor of 3 books, 10 technical bulletins,  published more than 50 articles and 35 research papers  in journals of scientific repute.

Joint Secretary

Dr. A. K. Vyas

Anil Vyas obtained Ph.D. in Agriculture Entomology from the MPUAT, Udaipur in 2002. He worked as Senior Technical Assistant (Entomology) at MPUAT, Udaipur for 25 years. He is the assistant professor, Department of Entomology at Rajasthan College of Agriculture, Udaipur and working as principle investigator and incharge of biopesticide laboratory and NHM since 2017. He is associated with RKVY projects and many private funded projects. He is associated with production unit of different bioagents and biopesticides like trichocard, NPV and trichoderma production.

Managing Editor

Dr. Hemant Swami

Dr. Hemant Swami is working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Entomology, Rajasthan College of Agriculture, MPUAT, Udaipur have 21 years of experience in Research, Teaching and Expansion. He obtained his M. Sc. Ag. (Entomology) degree from RAU, Bikaner and was awarded the degree of Ph.D. from MPUAT, Udaipur in 2001. He has published more than 50 research papers and articles in the journals of international and national repute. He has guided many students and has handled many research projects funded by various national agencies. He is Fellow of 5 scientific societies and life member of 3 professional societies and is acting as the Managing Editor of Indian Journal of Applied Entomology. He participated in more than 30 international and national workshops, seminars/conferences. At present he is working as Assistant Sorghum Entomologist in AICSIP and is associated with NP, ICAR and RKVY project on BIPM.


Dr. N. L. Dangi

Dr. N. L. Dangi Obtained Ph. D in Agriculture Entomology from the MPUAT, Udaipur in 2006. He is working as assistant professor in the department of entomology, RCA, MPUAT Udaipur. He is a member of professional societies and published many research papers, popular articles and technical bulletins, folders for use and dissemination of the knowledge among the farming communities of the region. Presently he is also working as a Treasurer of the Entomological Research Association Udaipur.