Guide to Author


i. Papers on original research should be submitted for publication in duplicate, typed in double space on white bond paper with margin of 4.0 cm. Full length paper should not exceed 10 typed pages including tables and illustrations, short notes should not exceed 5 typed pages in all. ii. The title should be short, specific and informative. The byline should contain the names, initials of the author(s) and institutional address alongwith pin code. Change in address should be mentioned as foot note.

iii. Paper format should be as follows:

'ABSTRACT', written in complete sentences (not exceeding 200 words). 'INTRODUCTION'-should be brief and limited to the statement of the problem or aim of the investigation.

'MATERIALS AND METHODS' should include experimental design and techniques employed.

'RESULTS AND DISCUSSION' may be combined. The results should be supplemented with essential tables (typed separately with appropriate titles). The discussion should include interpretation of author's investigations in context of relevant similar research work elsewhere if any.

'REFERENCES' cited in text should be listed alphabetically in chronological order at the end of the paper. It should have the name(s) of the author(s), year of publication, full title of the paper, name of the Journal (underlined) abbreviated according to the World List of Scientific Periodicals (4th ed, London), volume, issue number in parenthesis and complete page range. The following style should be used for listing references.

Saxena, R.C. 1981. Observations on some predators and parasites of Thrips tabaci Lind. Bulletin of Entomology. 22:97-100.

Kushwaha, K.S. and Bhardwaj, S.C. 1977. Forage and pasture insect Pests of Rajasthan. pp. 1186_ Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi.

Dikshit, T.S.S. 1968. Action of DDT on insects. 345-350 in PESTICIDES (ed. Majumder, S.R.). Academy of pest control sciences, Mysore, India.

iv. The papers endorsed with referee's critical comments must be complied with scientific temper.

v. The paper for publication in the Journal should be sent by Registered mail to the Managing Editor by name.

vi. The authors are advised to sent a soft copy in MS-Word format alongwith the manuscript.